Short Animation – Identity

I’ll once again be available for more freelance so I created this as a short example of what I can offer. (The theme can vary of course)

This theme is about our universe, one of many, potentially being a hologram, but reality to us.
The hallways lead to rooms containing mechanical structures of unimaginable size that create the holographic parallel universes.

The title “Identity” is partially inspired by a short story that a friend of mine shared with me, called “The Egg”, describing how we may all be one soul traveling through different vessels, without time being an impossible dimension to navigate in. Ending one life and starting another, regardless of whether it was before or after the previous vessel’s time frame. Death rids you of your memories before you begin the new life, in what can potentially be an augmented reality, but throughout all these different lives, we each preserve a different identity, even if we may just be one unique soul. We’re navigating in this vast universe as it is in us, but maybe one day will come where we finally wake up like we’d wake up from ourselves in a dream.

The title happened to fit for freelance purposes as well, I created this as an example of what I can offer, which ultimately is to help people achieve the identity that they want for themselves.

Created in After Effects and Cinema 4D.
Main VFX:
-3D components are a mix of parts I modeled in Cinema 4D + components from E3D2.
-Smoke is a mix of stock footage plus renders I created with Turbulence FD
-Particles are a mix of Particular and Krakatoa

Created in Logic Pro (+Mix/Master)
Main SFX:
-Native Instruments (with S61 Keyboard)
-Audio Imperia
-Custom Carvin CT7

If you’d like to do work with me, feel free to send a pm via my “contact” page.


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